Sunday, April 2

19:00 - 21:00

Welcome reception in a Bavarian restaurant in the center of Munich

For all persons arriving already on Sunday, April 2, we offer a "Bayerische Brotzeit" at the Augustiner Klosterwirt in the inner city of Munich. Here is a Google maps link for the place: Google maps link. If you have a hotel in Garching, you might take the suburban train U6 to Marienplatz (approx. 25 minutes) and have a walk from there to the restaurant (approx. 5 minutes). Please note, that we do not offer transfer on Sunday.

Monday, April 3

Conference at Fraunhofer AISEC

10:00 - 11:00

Registration / Coffee

11:00 - 11:15

Opening / Welcome

11:15 - 12:15

Keynote 1

Session chair: Michael Pehl

Lightweight Authenticated Encryption - Florian Mendel

12:15 - 13:45


13:45 - 15:00

Session 1: Fault-Injection Analyses and Countermeasures

Session chair: Juliane Krämer

SAMVA: Static Analysis for Multi-Fault Attack Paths Determination - Antoine Gicquel, Damien Hardy, Karine Heydemann, and Erven Rohou

Efficient attack-surface exploration for electromagnetic fault injection - Daniele Antonio Emanuele Carta, Vittorio Zaccaria, Gabriele Quagliarella, and Maria Chiara Molteni

A CCFI verification scheme based on the RISC-V Trace Encoder - Anthony Zgheib, Olivier Potin, Jean-Baptiste Rigaud, and Jean-Max Dutertre

15:00 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:00

Session 2: Side-Channel Analyses and Countermeasures

Session chair: Amir Moradi

ASCA vs. SASCA - A closer look at the AES key schedule - Emanuele Strieder, Manuel Ilg, Johann Heyszl, Florian Unterstein, and Silvan Streit

Removing the Field Size Loss from Duc et al.'s Conjectured Bound for Masked Encodings - Julien Béguinot, Wei Cheng, Sylvain Guilley, Yi Liu, Loïc Masure, Olivier Rioul, and François-Xavier Standaert

Improving Side-channel Leakage Assessment using Pre-silicon Leakage Models - Dillibabu Shanmugam, and Patrick Schaumont

17:00 - 18:00

Bus Transfer to Social Event

18:00 - 19:30

Special Tour Nymphenburg Palace

19:30 - 22:30

Conference Dinner

After the special tour we will have a walk (approx. 15 minutes) from Nymphenburg Palace to the restaurant. The restaurant "Augustiner Kurgarten" is placed close the Hirschgarten. You can find the location under the following link: Google maps link. We provide bus transfer from the restaurant via Central Station, Garching, and Garching-Hochbrück back to Fraunhofer AISEC at 10pm.

Tuesday, April 4

Conference at Fraunhofer AISEC

08:45 - 10:15

Real-World Security – An Industrial Perspective

Session chair: Johann Heyszl

PQC-Ready Securyzr: A Full-Fledged Integrated Secure Element Complying with PQC Requirements in Terms of Firmware Management and Cryptographic Services - Wei Cheng (Secure-IC)

SOC: Spot the Odd Circuit - Pierre-Yvan Liardet (eShard)

Riscure Vision on Post Quantum Cryptography - Marc Wittemann (Riscure)

10:15 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:00

Session 3: Attacks on PQC and Countermeasures

Session chair: Francesco Regazzoni

Fast First-Order Masked NTTRU - Daniel Heinz and Gabi Dreo Rodosek

On the Feasibility of Single-Trace Attacks on the Gaussian Sampler using a CDT - Soundes Marzougui, Ievgen Kabin, Juliane Krämer, Thomas Aulbach, and Jean-Pierre Seifert

Punctured Syndrome Decoding Problem: Efficient Side-Channel Attacks Against Classic McEliece - Vincent Grosso, Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Brice Colombier, and Vlad-Florin Dragoi

12:00 - 13:30


13:30 - 14:30

Keynote 2

Session chair: Elif Bilge Kavun

Recent Developments on Threshold Implementations: Practical Aspects of Theoretical Models - Siemen Dhooghe

14:30 - 15:15

Coffee Break

15:15 - 16:30

Session 4: Analyses and Tools

Session chair: Ilia Polian

Energy Consumption of Protected Cryptographic Hardware Cores - An Experimental Study - Aein Rezaei Shahmirzadi, Thorben Moos, and Amir Moradi

Whiteboxgrind - Automated Analysis of Whitebox Cryptography - Tobias Holl, Katharina Bogad, and Michael Gruber

White-box cryptography with global device binding from message-recoverable signatures and token-based obfuscation - Shashank Agrawal, Estuardo Alpirez Bock, Yilei Chen, and Gaven Watson

16:30 - 16:35