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Invited Speakers

Emmanuel Prouff

Emmanuel Prouff

Talk: Algorithmic Approaches to Defeat Side Channel Analysis

To defeat Side Channel Analysis, a common countermeasure consists in randomly splitting every sensitive intermediate variable occurring in the computation into several shares and the number of shares, called the masking order, plays the role of a security parameter. Several masking schemes, applicable for arbitrary orders and arbitrary function, have been recently introduced. During this talk, I will present and compare some of the state-of-the art methods and the techniques used to analyse their security. I will also discuss some open issues and present ideas which could be developed to (hopefully) solve them.

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

Talk: Why cryptosystems still fail

The first talk I gave at an academic conference (at the first CCS in 1993) was on "Why cryptosystems fail." In it, I reported what I'd learned about attacks on ATM systems from being an expert witness in a large lawsuit that followed a wave of fraud in the UK. The ATM systems in use then could have been very secure if run properly, but were compromised by numerous errors in implementation and operation. More than twenty years on, the world seems to have changed: we have AES rather than DES, chips instead of magnetic strips, and payments are starting to go mobile. So has the engineering improved? I will discuss a number of frauds and vulnerabilities in both payment systems and mobiles. As they say in France, "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose."

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