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APRIL 23th-25th, 2018

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Workshop Programme


COSADE (Day 1 – Day2)

Day 1 – April 23th, 2018 (COSADE)

[08:45 – 09:00] Opening Remarks (COSADE)

[09:00 – 10:00] Invited talk 1

[10:00 – 10:30] Tea break

[10:30 – 12:00] Session 1: Countermeasures against SCA (1)

[12:00 – 14:00] Lunch break

[14:00 – 15:00] Session 2: Tools for SCA

[15:00 – 15:30] Tea break

[15:30 – 16:30] Session 3: Fault attacks and hardware trojans

Day 2 – April 24th, 2018 (COSADE)

[09:00 – 10:00] Invited talk 2

[10:00 – 10:30] Tea break

[10:30 – 12:00] Session 4: countermeasures against SCA (2)

[12:00 – 14:00] Tea break

[14:00 – 15:00] Session 5: SCA attacks

[15:00 – 15:30] Tea break

[15:30 – 16:30] Session 5: SCA attacks (continued)

[16:30 – 16:45] Closing remarks (COSADE)


Day 3 – April 25th, 2018 (EMERTECH)

[8:45-9:00] Opening Remarks (EMERTECH)

[09:00-10:30] Emerging Technologies I 

[9:00-9:45] Subhasish Mitra (Stanford): Transforming Nanodevices into Nanosystems: the N3XT 1.000X

[10:30-11:15] Shahar Kvatinsky (Technion): Beyond CMOS-like Circuits with Emerging Devices: Logic Synthesis and Optimization for Ultra-Low Power Applications

[9:45-10:30] Andrea Calimera (Torino): Real Processing-In-Memory with Memristive Memory Processing Unit

[11:15-12:00] Lunch Break

[12:00-13:30] Security: Nanotechnology Perspective 

[12:00-12:45] Avi Mendelson (Technion): : Impact of New Process Technologies on the Achievable Security of Future Chips

[13:30-14:15] Shivam Bhasin (NTU): Side-channel Attack on STTRAM-based Cache for Cryptographic Application

[12:45-13:30] Arindam Basu (NTU): When Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF) meets Machine learning

[14:15-14:45] Tea Break

[14:45-15:30] Emerging Technologies II 

[14:45-15:30] Manas Mukherjee (NUS): Quantum Technology – The Future Looks Bright

[15:30-16:15] Francesco Regazzoni (USI): tba.

[16:15-16:30] Closing Remarks (EMERTECH)


  • On the Use of Independent Component Analysis to Denoise Side-Channel Measurements
    Houssem Maghrebi and Emmanuel Prouff.
  • SCATTER: A New Dimension in Side-Channel
    Hugues Thiebeauld, Georges Gagnerot, Antoine Wurcker and Christophe Clavier.
  • Threshold Implementation in Software – Case Study of PRESENT
    Pascal Sasdrich, René Bock and Amir Moradi.
  • Path Leaks of HTTPS Side-Channel by Cookie Injection
    Fuqing Chen, Haixin Duan, Xiaofeng Zheng, Jian Jiang and Jianjun Chen.
  • Lattice-based Fault Attacks against ECMQV
    Weiqiong Cao, Hua Chen, Jingyi Feng, Limin Fan and Wenling Wu.
  • Quadrivariate Improved Blind Side-Channel Analysis on Boolean Masked AES
    Christophe Clavier, Léo Reynaud and Antoine Wurcker.
  • Secure Multiplication for Bitslice Higher-Order Masking: Optimisation and Comparison
    Dahmun Goudarzi, Anthony Journault, Matthieu Rivain and François-Xavier Standaert.
  • Vectorizing Higher-Order Masking
    Benjamin Grégoire, Kostas Papagiannopoulos, Peter Schwabe and Ko Stoffelen.
  • Differential Power Analysis of XMSS and SPHINCS
    Matthias J. Kannwischer, Aymeric Genêt, Denis Butin, Juliane Krämer and Johannes Buchmann.
  • A First-Order SCA Resistant AES without Fresh Randomness
    Felix Wegener and Amir Moradi.
  • On Masked Galois-Field Multiplication for Authenticated Encryption Resistant to Side Channel Analysis
    Hirokazu Oshida, Rei Ueno, Naofumi Homma and Takafumi Aoki.
  • Thermal Scans for Detecting Hardware Trojans
    Maxime Cozzi, Jean-Marc Gallière and Philippe Maurine.
  • Micro-Architectural Power Simulator for Leakage Assessment of Cryptographic Software on ARM Cortex-M3 Processors
    Yann Le Corre, Johann Großschädl and Daniel Dinu.
  • Protecting Triple-DES Against DPA – A Practical Application of Domain-Oriented Masking
    Pascal Sasdrich and Michael Hutter.
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